Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forbidden LOVE

When EVE decided to select the strange and exotic fruit from the tree -- she never imagined a world like this.
A world full of information. A world full of knowledge. Knowledge is the body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time. She never imagined "ONE" single bite of curiosity would cause us -- MANKIND -- to SEE, HEAR, TASTE, FEEL and SMELL God's creation.
We go through life learning daily on all types of subjects. Some study science, others reading, but for me... it's LOVE. For love is all 5 senses in one.

There are many aspects in regards to love. But the one I find to be the most challenging, is forbidden love. A love that is "prohibited" or "not allowed" strengthens the heart. To be apart or separated from a person you love, want, and at times need is difficult. 

Imagine sitting back at night -- depending on where... lying at the beach on a warm summer's night or in your car... gazing at the stars, looking up and thinking about a person you love deeply. 
I know I'm not the only helpless romantic in the world who has wanted something so bad... you can just "taste it." You have this person's best interest at heart, always hoping for the best in all his/her endeavors but there is a challenge.

What if this person was out of reach? Unable to be touched? Impossible to  see? Then LOVE becomes an obstacle full of adventure, hurt, TEARS, pleasure, passion, and complete understanding. If EVE would have known that her "curiosity" would have caused her to CRAVE and miss her male... to live in a pain of silence -- crushed from being apart -- would she have eaten of the fruit? To be severed from true LOVE sucks. Letting go is best when love is "FORBIDDEN" but then again if you are strong enough to endure the journey, seek him/her, but only if he/she is WORTH IT... all.

( forbidden LOVE depends on you. )

thanks for reading

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