Monday, September 21, 2009

Connecting Souls

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder...
but this is not true -- separation is painful. To disconnect or withdraw from the very source
of your happiness is like snatching a child from the arms of it's mother.

I'm a lover, but I fight for what is right. Compassionate people I try to embrace
with out judgement -- all sins erased. I'm of light -- darkness covers me because
of the hatred of many enemies. I pray daily -- never ceasing but increasing my spirit
as it grows & wings appear... I fly.

I soar. I explore and want more. I have to endure this pain. My soul reaches out toward
the heavens to capture the true essence of life -- me, you, us, and them. We are one but you make us two -- division. Our souls separates or should I say drift apart...

You will always be in my heart -- way down deep... where no one knows. We are destined light... connecting souls.

(((( hugs ))))

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