Monday, September 21, 2009

Confessed LOVE

Truth lies in the heart and on the lips of the one who loves you.
No words can express how I truly feel -- for a love like this can
never be revealed -- concealed for my protection.
I will not leave you guessing. I'm not stressin'.
Love is a tough lesson.

What will come of me? Only God knows but my love for you grows...
stronger each day. Should I be ashamed for feeling this way? Or should
I stay silent -- having nothing to say.

I have paid for my sins. And I try each day -- to rid my life of HATE
& invite LOVE to stay. I share my world because it's HIS plan...
destiny or fate are in his hand. I've been chosen to find GREATEST in every man.

When ever I fall -- will you help me to stand? I speak truth and will never lie
for hurting you or I -- makes me cry. I stay strong for many & neglect self.
Separation leads only to death. Like a Juliet to a Romeo -- love is strange.
So very true. But my life turned around -- the moment I found you.

((( hugs xxx ))))

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