Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Listen to my HEART

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me ( Psalm 51:10)...

I'm experiencing this "NEW" or pure heart and the healing process from the transformation is challenging at times. I love because my first thought says -- and I do. I'm purging the "old" self and revealing a better me -- Summer Nazarian. As I live daily with extreme optimism, I often wonder if all this is in vain. But then I awake to my Father's (Heavenly) voice -- whispering sweet words of encouragement. I see VISIONS of beautiful things even though our world is dying and crying -- to be rescued.

Should I ignore what is evident or go the "delusional" route like others? I see the TRUTH & it started with looking myself in the MIRROR, taking my own inventory, removing the skeletons and bodies out of my closet (lol... keepin' it real). I have no one to please but the one who created me and I'm passionate about that -- not forceful or arrogant about my beliefs, but confident in knowing the one who CREATED me.

Love is a journey and what is a "journey"? To move along a particular course. Some go on a path completely their own but their are some who paths are destined. Meant to be...


I've realized that life is truly what you make it and life will return whatever one gives it -- GOOD OR BAD.  As of now,  I am going to give life all the "LOVE" and peace I have and that's good for the world has enough bad within it. I walk in love...

I walk in love because of my savior. (Yeshua) 

Shalom. ((( hugs ))))

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