Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tangible DREAMS

When I was a little girl -- I had fantasies. I fantasized about unusual things... very strange and pleasantly bizarre. But I've never imagined of being a star. Like Cinderella and all the beauties who had somber stories to tell or a life full of pain -- I too thought of endless possibilities in pursuit for freedom and true happiness. I would close my eyes every night and create a world in my mind that was full of beauty, grace, and LOVE... Sadly -- this was not my reality.

"Wish upon a star", "Close my eyes and make a wish", or "Hocus Pocus"... I've used them all. I hoped to have been rescued or saved by a handsome and very charming Prince, but toads, rodents, and snakes are what I attracted.

I realized I had to change my attitude along with my active imagination and "ATTRACT", but in a new and exciting way. I had to stop viewing myself as lower than some -- for what is within me is HIGHER than any man on earth. To be a servant is not a dishonor or a disgrace for even the GREATEST of men have served.

People serve daily -- for their country, their neighborhood, or support friends. I guess that's why I love cartoons and fairy tales -- because everything is always HAPPILY EVER AFTER...

Hmm. Wonder if this is a possibility? Could happen. ((( hugs ))))

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