Monday, November 30, 2009

Can you HANDLE the TRUTH?

TRUTH: a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like. This is a definition of a word that we see very often, but fail to practice. Is it me or is this world becoming more wicked by the minute. The level of LIES out weigh the TRUTH these days. It seems like being deceitful is the NEW TREND & everyone is doing it.

From the world of music to politics... EVERYONE is telling LIES. Why? We are all mature adults right? I remember when I was a kid I would hear grown-ups say, "I'm an adult and do not have to lie to anyone". I used to shake my head at this statement for the words that were spoken came from the mouth of a LIAR. Adults go back and forth like children on a playground. He said this, She said that, They said this.... WHO GIVES A DAMN? Not me. 

I feel that there are far more important things in life than to slander, gossip, or belittle another HUMAN BEING. Animals usually crawl very low, but I see two-legged mammals stooping as low as  four-legged beasts. And they say they are "HUMAN", "CIVILIZED", "CLASSY"... yeah right -- As soon as your back turns these so called "honest" or "truthful" individuals transform and began to ooze their NEGATIVE words and crawl low, so low so no one can hear their whispers.

I am fed up and tired of dealing with people who are calloused, unloving, and counterfeit. I live in a country that was built on so-called INTEGRITY. The first part of the constitution states , "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice"... 

Perfect union? Establish Justice? Really! This is absurd giving the fact that more AMERICANS are divided now more than ever and far as justice -- the wealthy get away with everything, including robbing millions and causing "THE PEOPLE" to suffer. 

Truth? Who's truth? Man? I don't believe in man, but I believe in God and his honest LOVE. When the world tried to swallow me up -- I reached out for God's hand to save me. I'm not a saint, but I recognized my own wickedness and made the choice to correct it 2 years ago. My eyes and heart is open and all I see is turmoil and hatred. I pray for it to end. If more people activate their LOVE instead of HATE... PEACE  is right at our finger tips. 

Thanks for reading.

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