Monday, November 23, 2009

Summer LOVIN defines "EXOTIC"

ex⋅ot⋅ic : strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance

What's your definition of EXOTIC? Some say it's in the walk, your style, or the way you MOVE--I say it's the ATTITUDE. Exuding characteristics that are delightful and pleasant, but NAUGHTY all in one. I consider myself exotic in many ways and try to covey that through my photography. Being exotic is defined by an individual's own collective style or mimic through someone else's eyes.

What ever it is? I enjoy being "strikingly unusual". I appreciate the ones who S  T   A   N   D  OUT in a crowd. People who are strong in character, mind, and spirit. Intriguingly different individuals are the ones who enhance the fabric of this world. Beautiful pieces or images of light that gives an EXOTIC feel to our everyday lives. 

Exotic people are very ANGELIC in my eyes. I appreciate sexy, sensual, and CONFIDENT folks. 


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