Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Some say you can't pick your family but you can select your FRIENDS.
What's your definition of friend? A friend is someone who's there for you no matter what.
A person who will tell you what you want to hear -- or should. I think about the people who have
been in my life for the past 32 years. Many have faded away & others have reappeared,
and some have become enemies. Whatever the case may be -- I value friendships.

F to the R as I am to the END... is how I define friend. Lately I've been questioning
friends or friendships. I had to rid my life of so-called friends and became my own friend.
I removed myself from those who say they LOVED me with one breathe, and talked
behind my back with another.

I'm pretty content with my life and the NEW experiences that have brought some really
great, inspiring, and brilliant people in my life, but I'm still without real friends. I believe
I'm misunderstood, but I understand human emotions. I don't care how many years
has gone by, or where my friends are in the present -- I accept them, but have they
accepted me? Either way I know that I AM a real friend & will support those I love regardless.
That's why Summer will always stay LOVIN -- u.

((( hugs ))))

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