Thursday, September 24, 2009

A heart saved by GRACE

Life is full of beliefs. Some believe in this or even that but, I believe in LOVE.
Our human minds will never be able to truly understand love -- unless one has become spiritually enlightened or aware of their universal surroundings. Going through trials and tribulations in life can cause one to go through a roller coaster of emotions, but the heart survives. What if you were unable to mend a broken heart? A heart that has endured the worst pain ever imagined- year after year, day to day, hour after hour.

Yes, many have experienced a bad break-up or disappointment by a loved one. But the heart I speak of is unlike any other... a "shattered heart". A heart that is beyond repair and no self-help book, medication, or physician could reconstruct. Like the old cliche', "Wear your heart on your sleeve"... Seems like my heart was placed there from birth.

I've gone through a transformation that has been kissed by grace, inspired by the stars, and became one with the universe. I took sometime away from others in order to reflect on self. I rediscovered the "lost little girl" in search of her Father (Heavenly). A journey that had taken 16 long years and now I've finally arrived - on schedule.

Love is the reason behind my smile. Love is what gives me the ability to wake up and face the most difficult or uncomfortable circumstances. Love has laced her beauty around me and filled my heart with compassion beyond this world. Now you understand why I believe in love... I'm a new woman whose heart was saved by GRACE.

((( hugs )))) - Transformed.

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